Taiwan Ghost Festival

I'm in here in Taiwan the same time as their Ghost Festival. What's there to do? Is it a fun festival with fun activities as well?


Country: Taiwan


Normally, for locals, most of the outdoor activities, especially water activities are forbidden during the period.
Traditionally, ppl would avoid to involve in activities which are claimed to have higher risks. However, it's perfectly alright if you don't believe them at all, LOL.
I would say attending the religious ceremonies might be fun in a way.
The Ghost Festival is not an actual festival, but rather a religiously observed period of about a month on the Lunar Calendar. People pray for their dead ancestors and hope they do not come up to haunt them or their loved ones. they are also very careful in doing almost anything- i.e. no fast driving, no swimming, etc...the best way to enjoy it is to head on a visit to all the big temples to pray or simply to pay respect to the multitude of TAO Gods. that would be interesting.
Ghost Festival in Taiwan is the seventh month of the lunar calendar. I believe it is NOT Ghost Festival here in Taiwan, or u can stay here for several month in order join the activities of Ghost Festival. Most of activities are religious events, including open gate of underworld, offer food and drinks to the dead and release water lantern, the most significant one. At Toucheng in Yilan, there is an event called "Grappling with the Ghosts", I think this is the most exciting ceremony in Ghost Festival.
Thousands of Temple in Taiwan will hold different activities during this month. You can find more infomation in Taiwan Tour Website.
The most famous Ghost Festival activities is hold on Keelung,north Taiwan. Keelung is a harbor and near Taipei. You can take a look at the web site:
Actually, I'm a native of Keelung. You will love the harbor city. Have fun~~
The Ghost Festival (or Hungry Ghost Festival) occurs throughout the 7th month of the Chinese lunar calendar (which in 2009 is August 20th-September 18th). It's a traditional festival where the Chinese pray to and give offerings and food to their ancestors, something like the Day of the Dead practised by Latinos ().

It's not a one day affair, but takes place throughout the month, and you'll probably see lots of people setting up tables of food and offerings outside their homes, and lots of incense and joss-paper being burned in honor of the ancestors. If you're lucky, you'll even get to see religious processions, stage performances all held to entertain our brethren in the nether world.
"Ghost Festival" falls between August 20th, the first day of the seventh month of the country lunar calendar, and September 18th, the 30th and last day of the country lunar calendar. Celebrations climax on September 3rd, the 15th day of the country lunar calendar. There are too many things to do to allow listing them here. There are many colourful rituals, parades, and certainly more local food to try than one is able to accomodate.
-Ghost month is in our lunar month. which means the gate of Hades are open druing this period. then, the wandering spirits are allowed once again to cross over into the living world to feast on the victuals offered by the living. also, in this month 15th we call it" Chung Yuan Festival" or "Ghost Festival". There is one most famouse in the north call " Keelung Ghost Festival". the special traditinal thing we do call " Dance of Zhong Kui". its very different you can go there have look. enjoy your time here but be safe.
nothing special, it's not like Halloween. You can still do anything you normally would had you visited another month.
This is a Chinese traditional memorial day for ancestors. In chinese old agricultural days , people tributed their harvest as a result of blessing by their own ancestors. So 15th of the seventh month in lunar calendar, after the havest from fields; people would prepared nice meal paying gratitude and homage to their ancestor. This tradition has been kept centuries even today.

Buddist utilized this old tridiction by attached one of its religious story on it. The story stated that a mean mother was sent to hell and Mulian; her master- monk son, made an expiation for her guilt by handed out food for poor at this day. It become a major practice on this festival for buddists beside it's ceremony.

Taoists attached more dramatic stories on this tradition. Their stories stated that this is the parole month for all ghosts in hell. They claimed the seventh month as Ghost Month and 15th of the month as Ghost day. They will prepared feast for various deities in various ceremonies and practice food hand-out as well.

The essence of both religions trying to convey is an extended love and concern toward general; human or not.

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