what is the best place fro the travelers in Tokyo Japan?


Country: Japan


Tokyo is the capital city of Japan. Most of the tourist will enter Japan using it as a gateway. Another big city at the eastern part of Japan is Osaka. Try both.
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I recommend you spend one of your first days riding the Yamanote Line, the green circle line that loops around Tokyo, to get familiar with this enormous city. Taking a city bus tour is good too. Stop at Ueno and go to Ueno Park, and take in some of the art museums there, especially the National Museum. Get off in Shinjuku and walk around there, just to see everything from the skyscrapers to the tiny shops near the station.Shibuya and Harajuku, Yoyogi Park are great spots for youth culture.
Most of the tourists visit Meiji shrine, Odaiba, Omote-sando for its style and fashion, Ginza for shopping, Asakusa Temple`s, Roppongi for clubbing or dining, Roppongi Hills for panorama

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