What is best time of year for travel?

would like it warnmer not cold time of year


Country: Japan


Where are you wanting to travel? I live in Hokkaido where there are breathtaking scenes. It's cold here a lot of the year but around May-July it's really nice weather. It's not hot and humid like Tokyo. It's nice clean air! I hope this helps!

April. Cherry Blossoms. Cool.
May. Cool to Warm. May get sunburnt on a sunny day.
June. Rainy Season will start. Rains for 4 or 5 weeks.
July. Warm to Hot.
August. Too Hot. Hard to go anywhere outside.
September. Hot to Warm.
October. Warm to Cool
November. Cool to Cold.
December, January, February. Cold to Freezing.
March: Chilly.

Now is a good time or possibly July.
In the Kansai area, march and april and october, november are the best periods.
For Tokyo area, End Nov - Beginning March, cold
End March - Beginning April - Cherry Blossom. (Best and unique season for Japan).
July - Sep, hot. Fireworks and summer festivals all over Japan, good to visit too.
If you are planning to visit a city (cities) in the mainland of Japan, it is the best to travel between May and October of the year. But if you are planning to visit the southern part of Japan (eg. Okinawa Island groups), anytime between March and November would be suitable. Overall, July to October is the best time to travel any part of Japan if you like warmer weather. Enjoy your trip!
Hot and humid to the point of extreme uncomfortableness after July kicks in.
If it would be possible I would not stay in Japan from mid June to end of July,rainy season, and August/Sept.,typhons season.So this leaves Oct. to May. Lovely clear weather with cherry blossom and Autumn skyes, the best.
I agree w Megan -- if you come to Hokkaido the summer months are recommended. And I would add August and September as well -- nice balmy days and cool nights.
Right now it's springtime here and will get hotter til August which is the peak of summer here in central Japan.
Hi there !
well the best time of the year is now in april ,may ,june before the summer come , and september autum time
Autumn and spring.^_^
i think mr. mcentyre above put it well.
if tokyo area, id recommend spring... april and may. in june it rains too much. july - aug, i personally love summer but it really gets way too hot, and sticky which makes it a lot worse. sept is still hot but not as hot.. mite be better than aug actually. from october on it gets colder and colder. dont come in winter if u prefer warm to cold... so yea.. id say april, may, and maybe september.
Cherry blossom season, early spring is one of the better times to travel here but that has just passed.

Summer is very hot here unless you travel to Hokkaido

Autumn is an excellent season here, the weather is fine and
the foliage is very nice.

Most say Kyoto is one of the most beautiful places in Japan

Tokyo is a busy city with many things to do and see.

Any further questions...please inquire

The best seasons to travel to Japan to Tokyo, Yokohama, Kamakura, Hakone, Nikko are spring and fall. The sakura blossom season is finished but it's still a very good here and a lot to see.
On the largest of the four main islands of Japan (Honshu) there is quite a difference in weather between the Japan Sea side and that of the Pacific (Tokyo)in winter months (November thru March). Although cold, the Pacific side offers more dry blue skies at that time of the year.

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