how do I get around in LA?

This is the first time I'm traveling to LA on business,wat to see the place whenI'm there.What's the best way to move around in this huge cit? If I rent a car,is there any chance of getting a GPS outfitted vehicle so that I'll know where to go?Which are the best places to shop in around West Hollywood? How are cab fares,are they reasonable enough to travel in cabs through out?


City: Los Angeles

State: California

Country: United States


The ONLY way to get around LA if you're having to cover several different areas is by car. The public transportation is terrible and cab fares are high. Most rental cars these days have GPS and you can simply find one that has that. If you're only going to be in one area then buses might work. West Hollywood has so many shopping areas but Melrose is a popular one.
Have fun!

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