Questions about Hong Kong

Which is the longest river in Hong Kong & how long

Where can i dare to eat Fugu in HK?

We are planning a trip to Hong Kong in April,want to stay in Tsim Sha Tsui or Central Hong Kong.Which are the best economy hotels there?

Looking for serviced apartments in HK

Fun things to do in Hong Kong? What are the secret things only locals do?

Inexpensive apatrments/hotels to stay in Hong Kong?

Heya! I'll be in Hong Kong for about 9 days in January, wonder if there are suggestions for shops - those that sell vintage...

We are planning to make a trip to Hong Kong.Which are the best places to visit? What tourist activities to do in Hong Kong?

whats the nice but good price hotel for 2 which would be convenient going to disneyland and ocean park

Our family is going to Hong Kong for 4 days. Can someone please recommend what we should do there? We've been doing some research and...

The question for Hongkong

Are there any shops that sell regular american sized clothes?

Where to stay in hong ong?

Pls suggest a good hotel in Hong Kong.

Need o 3 star hotel in center of Hong Kong Dear friend, i and my friend want to go to Hong Kong to relax, i want to book a hotel in...

Traveling to Hong Kong in April 11th for 4 days and I am looking for clean, secure accommodation in budget hotels.

Where are cheap places to stay

I need to know how much time do i need to go to Lanthau Island and visit the giant buddha.

Hi! I will go to Hong Kong in the first week of May. Would you like to show me the address & fee of any hotel near the address 16/F...

Hi, everyone! I am about to go to HK at the end of this month. I would like to buy a hockey stick for FIELD HOCKEY in HK ,but I don't...

what good hotel can you recommend with hharbour view?

Please suggest me a nice souvenir shop in Hong Kong and some best shopping spots

Which are the best shopping ares in Hong Kong where we can get great bargains and what shouldI buy there?

what are the nice places of interest at hong kong?

Going to Hong Kong mainly for shopping.Which are the best areas for shopping?

I want to learn Mandarin. Please suggest me any good class in Hong Kong. Thanks

Does anyone know the date of the 'Hungry Ghost' festival (Yue Lan) for 2010? I think it's normally the 14th day of the seventh lunar month.

Is it really true that the Park ticket in Disneyland doesnt cover the expenses of every ride. And there is a separate amount in each...

Hi,I want details of economy hotels in Tsim Sha Shui,Hong kong. Whom should I contact?Any website that gives the best rates?

Would you reccommend me hotel in Hong Kong for 100-150 USD/night for room ,well situated for sightseeing

Visiting Hong Kong from Singapore. Need suggestions for low budget travel.

What's likely to be open in HK over the Chinese New Year Weekend on 13 - 15 Feb? Which malls, restaurants, food places, etc?

I'm planning to go to hong Kong in Feb. Which is the best place to shop for electronicsand computer peripheries?

where can i find a restaurant that serves sichuan food?

Visiting hong kong , seeking companion who can show me around

Any recommendations for the best dim sum?

I need to find a good and new hotel in Xangai with at least 4 stars and with a good and central location.

Need a decent,affordable hotel in Hong Kong city for my stay in july.Which hotel would you recommend?

Two days from now. Me and my sisters family will be flying to your beautiful country. Any advice where we could find the CHEAPEST...

I want to know a good place to have lunch with a good view in Hong Kong.

Looking for a companion to join me for trip to Macau

Planning to visit Kowloon.Is there any homestay concept there,where I can stay with a local family?

Is any person free on March 14, 2011 for private tour around Hong Kong for 1 person ? Thank you!

What are the must eat restaurants when u visit hongkong? especially around mongkok, kowloon area.

Can somebody tell me details about non-visa entry to Hong Kong for Ukrainian residents?

isthere anyone who know where i can buy iphone cheaper than in apple store but still guarantee apple? do u now how much? Is there any...

We are also planing to visit Macau. Where can we find the train station that has a destination going to that place coming from Hong...

I have 3 days in Hong Kong in November. Can you recommend 5 top things to do.

can anyone recommend a good affordable hotel in Hong Kong for a lone female traveler?preferable Tsim Sha Tsui area. tnx!

What is your favorite hiking trail in Hong Kong?

Where do you go or what do you do to meet new people in Hong Kong?

What would be the cheapest airfare to fly from Beijing to hong Kong in May?

Hello Friends, Can you help me? I'm looking for experienced network marketeers to head up a new network in your country and I...

I am looking for kathak classes in hong kong.? i have been practicing kathak for year and half in India. Now i am back to Hong Kong...

hi, I'm Ahmed I'm happy to contact with u , hou much is cost my per day with u? thanks

what (local) airline flys from hong kong to tokyo for the cheapest price? can you suggest an alternative way of travelling to...

Where is the best place to change your currencies? A Hong Kong friend of mine advise that the airport is the best because small dealer...

Hi! we are planning to go to HK this end of Nov. We are planning to stay in a hostel in causeway bay but my concern is we will be...

Which 4-5 star quality hotels would you suggest in Hong Kong close to the shopping/busy area with costs around 100 US$?

would you reccomend me any good restaurant in Hong Kong

I am planning a trip to Hong Kong with my kid, and wanna to know if its safe enough cos of the SWINE FLU

hi I'm Augustine , lookin for budget stay for 8 nights, 5 people, tis 12th Dec. Referrable at HK island. Any recommendation?

I need to find a good and central hotel in Beijing.

Which are the best places to eat in Hong Kong? Need recommendations from experienced travellers.

I am looking for a nice hotel in the Kowloon area? Equivalent to a 4 star establishment. Any hotels with a garden setting?

What is your favorite way to get away from the Hustle & Bustle of Hong Kong?

1) what's the best way to reach Citdadines Apartment from Airport? Airport Express or cab? Would like to save more time as my stay in...

What do you like most about Hong Kong?

what is the best way to go from the airport to the hotel in the center of Hong Kong for 6 people.Taxi or bus?how much could it cost,?

What do you like least about Hong Kong?

What's the name of the park in Hong kong that is located across the subdivision where the actor Jackie Chan resides?

Hi, Looking for a personal guide to take us for exclusive shopping places ( for best deals ) clubbing , and to see the best that...

any good places to rock up and play a bit of local community footy?


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