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Where is the samdhi of the famous Rani of Jhansi Lakshmibai located?

I want to tour the vineyards of Himachal Pradesh

Is Ooty belong to Karanataka or TamilNadu?

best non veg in Mumbai

Can you suggest a good, off the beaten track ashram to spend 2 - 3 weeks at in either the rajastan area or in the tamil nadu region? ...

Are there lions in south India?

I love Cholla Batura. What is the best place for Cholla Batura in Delhi or in other places?

I'm looking for information about the history of kali river basin forest area. Is there anyone familiar with this...

Travel to Mcleodganj, Dharmsala, North India

Hello,I'm interested in going to Buddha Garyar for a pilgrimage.Need info on travel.

Looking for a 1 day sightseeing tour in Mumbai.

what travel company would you suggest

I want a group tour director for Europe in oct 2010.where an i find them and how much do they charge

How many national parks with tigers in India?

Hi, I am to travel to India.

Looking for PROFESSIONAL TOUR COMPANY to arrange Tours to Buffalo, New York, USA

Bara Imambara in Lucknow and it's Bhool Bhilaiyan... can someone tell me about the history and the story behind it's construction and...

Fun things to do in India? What are the secret things only locals do?

How many national parks in India?

Why is Jodhpur called a 'Blue City' can any body let me know with a relevant answer.

I am looking for reasonably clean and relatively inexpensive accommodation outside Rishikesh for the last weekend of February.

3n/4d singpore and 2n genting 1n kulampur total 6n/7d package for 1 cuple on 11 june. 9909601942 Dilip Shah. SURAT

Rent-a-car in India

When are people going to start visiting Andamans, the home of the most beautiful beaches and corals in Asia with blue water and white sands

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Regarding flight shedule

what is one food that I should try while on vacation in india???

House boat arrangement in Kerala

How many snake spices in India?

a nice trip to India

Can I get a travel companion to visit Delhi during February 2009 !!!

How many endemic birds in India?

Walk Hike north India vacation

Originally, the site for Red Fort was chosen as the Talkatora lake and the adjacent area. What was the reason for the site to be...

Hi friends, I would like to know more or less how much it would cost us on a monthly basis to live in Kerala in a simple house...

hi i'm planning my next trip and considering india. Any suggestions for things to do...

How many languages are spoken in India and what are they and what people speak them

Our group is planning for a trek to Roopkund in may 2nd week. Any idea about how much snow to expect at this time? Any pointers to...

hai sir your ankai -tankai sight is excellent. how to go to ankai sight/fort pl inform me bus route from its district head qtrs...

where in India can we find white tigers?

What should be my route if i want to do the best old city walk at Varanasi.. plz can any body guide me with the main landmarks.

How many Fossil Parks does North India has.. and where r they located.

How many wild cat spices in India?

Where in Delhi is the Dargah for Bibi Zulekha, (popularly called Mai Sahiba) Hazrat Nizamuddin's mother located?

What is the safest place in India to visit?

What are the cultural events in the city of Delhi?

How many Tiger National Parks are in Madhya Pradesh.

holiday house in india

I'm going to Mumbai this December and looking for a cheap accommodation and travel suggestions. Please guys help me out!

can anyone enlighten me about the Patthar Girja (Church) and it's history in Allahabad?

Kindly let me know the best wildlife tour places in India?

where's best to go in india around nov this year?

Why did aurangzeb construct a wall (the place from where the Prime Minister addresses the nation on the 15th of August every year) in...

what are the famous vegetable food items in India that can interest foreigners travelers?

Are there lions in India?

Hi I am planning to Travel at Shimla and Manali with my Family. I am looking for the cheap option for staying. Any colleague who can...

Where can i find the best accessory for the trekking in New Delhi.

Which mountain ranges are part of the Ranthambore Tiger National Park.

what is the story of Imambara in lucknow about?

are there any places in Delhi where one can take foreigner tourists for night parties?

Looking for help to plan a 10 day trip to Inida

which is the city in India that has the most number of World Heritage Sites?

Where is the memorial to Chandrashekhar Azad?

What is the timings for the visitors at Birla House in New Delhi.

Namaste! :) My mother, my Aunty, and I are planning to visit India this August. We elementary school teachers in our country and we...

i want to visit gangtok in the coming moth of september. can anybody give authentic information on how to reach gantok from calcutta...

I'm looking for a person to carry out tempoprary work in India, salary 10000-15000 INR for 3 weeks, part-time job.

how far is udaipur from jodhpur?

What are the famous sites in Delhi that provide a look into glorious history of Mahabharta period?

Whats the best time to go for the River Rafting at Ganges. And which is the best place for this option.

Hello, I am planning a trip to India in December/January. I would like to connect a tour through the south and also see the Taj Mahal....

HI EVERY1... I NEED HELP FINDING AN ASHRAM, ANY RECOMENDATIONS? not a touristy thing I am in need for spirtual help....

Valley of Flowers information sought


what is the famous dance form of Orissa?

i need costing for a tour to singapore in july. i have my own itinerary. Please advise where can i send the email for a costing

i am from sri lanka. me and my family hoping to visit Thirupathi tempale in Andrapradesh. i like to have good idias.

Hi, My name is Mrugesh. I am 27 year old guy from Ahmedabad, India. If you are traveling India and need "FREE" guidance, please let me...

Are there any travel warnings for #India?

On what day is Bangalore Karaga festival held?

How many national parks in India with leopards?

Where can I get Urdu to English dictionary? I need a book named Tafseer-E-Jalain, Where Is it available?

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where is Fatehpur Sikri located in India?

I am planing to travel to India would like to know the best city to see there?

hi, i need to know about the best restaurants in dehradun

Is Himalayas located in India or Nepal

Are there Bengal tigers are outside Bengal I mean in forest reserves?

Budget hotels in Hampi Karnataka.

Need a guide for a shopping tour only

Astrology - Meditation- Yantra

how many observatory's did Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh made in India and what are the location.

Which temple in India has Vishnu's idol divided in three compartments, and is suposed to have the ocean of milk flowing under it's...

Which is the highest point of Aravali Mountain ranges.

Hi, we are planning to visit Washington DC around the 2nd week of May. Plan to stay a couple of days can you recommend a good place to...

I'm heading to India on May 20th until July 1st. I know I'll be travelling during monsoon season and wondering where the best places...


My friends and I are plannin an India tour, since Im leavin india for good, I want to go to places. there will be 7 of us in total, we...

where in india is the Naiyyar dam located?

Where in India do you find the famous bridge made by joining the roots of trees growing on either side of the river?

Where in India can one find the lion tailed Macaque one of the endangered species of Macaques?

What are the major communities that live in Delhi?

What is the national bird of India?

please help me market myself,am a business-minded man who is looking for partners from india.

where can i see the best step wells in Western India..?

I am planning a trip to India. What month has the driest weather? I am not a big fan of rain.

Getting a speciality in India?

How many princely states did India had before independence.

main tourist sites in Arunachal Pradesh

Which destination would you recommend for India travel this summer?

Hi, I'll be traveling for 10 days visiting the golden triangle plus amritsar plus udaipur with a travel agent providing car and...

Who would like trekking, camping, wild life safari and other adventure in Sri Lanka?

outdor shop in delhi and minali... for tent, high altitude stoves, sleeping bags for extreme cold conditions.... beanie, gloves, etc

A friend of mine who is a Wildlife Biologist working for an NGO, is looking for sponsorships for his presentation in Beijing. He will...

Hi, I have planned a trip of 10 days with my husband to Kashmir in Novemeber could you'll suggest places we must see and things we...

Looking for information about call centers that would employ native English speakers

Hi, I would like to spend a few months in India, is it possible to get the touristic visa on arrival? and for how many months is a...


I would like to study in Thailand, please help me with the cultural aspects and nature of people.Is it safe?Is English language spoken...

Where is Kaushambi and what is the connection it has with Gautam Buddha?

How many bird of prays in India?

This is a very general question. I am planning to travel across India (North) starting in september for 3 months and would like some...

Forex Club Company in Russia (Novosibirsk) seeks people living in India to carry out temporary part time work. The purpose of this...


How many vehicle makers in India?

I have started this website to promote India as a backpacking destination do you think the concept of...


What are the most interesting trekking area in India?

what is another name of the Hawa Mahal?

What is the name of the place His Holiness Dalai Lama landed up in India, for the first time, with a group of refugees?

Which India city is also called the "pink city"?

What are the best options for the restaurant's in Old Delhi.


i need info about mountain landscapes

How many butterfly spices in India?

How many poisons snakes in India?

How many UNESCO world heritage sites in India?

what should one shop in new zealand

What is the size of India?

how do I get an extended stay visa?

Hello, I'm looking for a person to carry out tempoprary work in India, salary 10000-15000 INR for 3 weeks, part-time job.

hey where is a good place to paraglide in the south of India

singapore & malaysia tour for family of 3 for 6to7days with cruise

What is the widest waterfall in India?

Trekking guides?

What is the best trekking area of India?

Is gambling legal in India? Is it possible to have own slot-machine in my store or just on a street?

What is the highest waterfall in India?

Can anyone tell that where is exactly lord Buddha born in India

Is there any endemic bats in India?

hii,what is the best time to visit india and its a safe to travel alone there

India seems to be a nice place to visit.Have you been there?

hi guys... thanks for the valuable information.. i'm in hyderabad again.. last time couldn't do much... can you please suggest me...

Hiiii this is Manoj Call me

Where is the important camel breeding farm in Rajasthan where i can take my clients to visit.


Can anyone give me some info and location about Brahma Kumaris that teaches Raja Yoga... Thanks

Who is the richest man India

what all places we can have still the heritage train rides in India.

Who has the best group tours in India?

Where is Kempambhudi lake?

There are two tibetian colonies in karnataka one is bylakuppe the other is?

Which is the longest river in India & how long

Is their any other restaurant except Karim's for Kebab's in the Old Delhi..?

How many Maharaja palaces that we can find in Mysore?

Some information and suggestion about good ashram possibly in Gujarat or Rajastan( I want to avoid ashrams only interested in making...

How can one avoid hawkers and touts at the Railway stations in Bharat?

what precautions should one take while moving about the historical monuments and other places of interests?

Who are top ten richest men in India

What is the largest national park in India?

What is the most famous land mark of Jaipur in Old city of Jaipur.

What is the best thing against leaches who bite when trekking in jungles?

Where can find lions in India?

who are looking for economical tour rates for Sri Lankan tours


Rainy season vacation location needed

Would you please let me know the voltage of electricity in India?

heii:) would u like2b so nice&shared the information about some nice&precious ashrams or ayurwedic schools in himalayah-rishikesh?

i will be going to india in july and will like to have someone to guide us me and my mom around several cities of India .


Is wheater is suitable for trip to gantok during first half od the month of december

which is best site one time fees and you can download lots of web template ?

Where i can buy the hand embroidery shirt for men and women on a wholesaler price?

to all trekkers in india..anyone been on the yedakumari 'green track' trek recently? pls get back to me

What are the best sites to visit and how long would it take to travel by train to all those sites. Any suggestion for train travel booking?

I am a single Mom. Is it safe to travel in south india, just the 2 of us?




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