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I have an Israeli passport (only). Can I fly with Qatar airlines & transit at Qatar airport on the way to Bangkok (about 12 hours...

Does Israel permit entry to travellers from Qatar or other arabian nations?

What gifts can I get from Israel for friends back home?

I will be arriving in Tel Aviv Airport Sde dov How can I go from this airport directly jerusalem? And if the only way will be a...

Hello, What are the best places to visit and good hotels near the Deadsea?

Fun things to do in Israel? What are the secret things only locals do?

Do you think it is safe to travel to Israel?

Trip to Israel,need clarifications.

I want to visit the "untouristy" places in Golan Heights. Can you suggest where I should go?

Specific travel tips for April?

getting super excited about my trip to Israel on Saturday....where shall I go folks?

i'm looking to visit #israel in june what are some of the must see things? #localyte ?

How far and how long from Cairo to Tel Aviv

Weather in Israel/Palestine in February?

If I haven't been to #Israel in 5 years, what new restaurants must I try & review? What new places must I visit?

Does anybody know the most popular beach in Israel?

Will be in Jerusalem 3 days in early June. Want good places to eat and suggestions of what to do on a Saturday.

whats the best beach in Tel Aviv

Is a Visa required to travel to Israel?

WiFI in Isreal?

Dear All, Me and my husband are spending 3 nights in Safed from the 6th to 9th of October. Can you reccomend us a place to stay? It...


Hello, dear Localytes and dear colleagues! I am planning a vacation on the shore of the Dead Sea in Israel in November. Can you...

Hello Friends, Can you help me? I'm looking for experienced network marketeers to head up a new network in your country and I...

Your views on King Solomon Palace Hotel,Israel?

Hi, I will be entering Israel from Egypt Taba border next month to catch my flight to Italy in Tel Aviv, I would like to travel by...

I'm coming to israel on a tour in Oct. and want to break away from it on Wed. Oct 27 and 28 to go to Petra. I will be in Jerusalem. Best way

#Israel in 22 days! What are some of your favorite spots?

Palestine Hotels

What train stop (Nahariya route) is the closest to Sde Dov airport in Tel Aviv? Toda

what documentation is required for domestic flights in Israel for minor children?

Netania, israel

Where is not save to a tourist in Jerusalem ?


Tel Aviv


Haifa District




West Bank (disputed)

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