Questions about Jamaica

any stories about your visit to the Hedonism Resort?

What is the average taxi fare in Jamaica?

at what age do you have to pay school fees in jamaica?

What are the licensing and insurance requirements for tour drivers in Jamaica?

Sailing in Jamaica?

Would I be able to use my credit card at the ATM machines in Jamaica?

how much to tip?

What is the best place in Negril for Jerk Chicken?

When is excellence oyster bay opening? Any Info?

I'm from Uruguay and whilw planning a trip to cuba and jamaica was wondering if there is any way to go by sea.. I mean, there is a...

Fun things to do in Jamaica? What are the secret things only locals do?

Jamaican food

Where can I find the best Sea food restaurant in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Where exactly is Jamaica located?

bonjour, je prevois partir en octobre en jamaique et je desire avoir un chauffeur prudent qui parle francais(si possible!!) pour...

I am looking for a good hotel to stay in at Negril. Do you have any suggestions?

visiting Jamaican soon and want some tips

Places to visit in Jamaica

I have booked a cruise from Jamaica. Is it advisable to do the land excursions on my own or should I book it with the cruise company?

What are your recommendations for a good place to spend our honeymoon in Jamaica?

what is largest Island?

I am look for Language school in Jamaika?


Hi i am looking for a transfer from Montego Bay airport to Negril is it a bus or car and hom much it can cost

Looking for one bedroom house to rent in Negril that is grilled and has a fridge and gas stove/oven and washroom/shower. I plan to...

Would really like to visit Seaford while I'm in Jamaica does anyone have any familly or links in that area? Would like to visit and...

Do I need a passport?

Hi...I'm looking for a collaborative network in order to organize combined adventure tours (tracking, mountains ascension, mountain...

Hello, we're thinking of coming to Jamaica for a week in the summer, when is the best time of the year and what kind of things can we...

We are visiting Jamaica on Thanksgiving. Any recommendations?

best time of year to visit Jamaica

Hi, Peg F. Looking for reasonable transportation from Montego Bay airport to Jakes in St. Elizabeth? What are the options and costs?

I am trying to find Kemrod Riley's e mail address I have lost his business card Riley tours and my computer died He would recognise...

Planning locations for my next film, "The Great Jamaican Jerk Tour" in May. Recommend any spots?

Does any one know when the tickets for international dancehall queen competition in mo bay go on sale and how much they usually...

HI I'm in Negril until Saturday!! We have rented a car and would like to know who is up for riding with us one day to show us some...

travel map for Jamaica

Fun activities at Jamaica for a teenage group?

How are Montego Bay's waters for swimming

What is your favorite city in Jamaica?

I will be in Runaway Bay week of Dec 4. I have about 500 pens, pencils some pads from a client that rebranded their logo. I'm also...

Can anyone tell me what a taxi ride would cost from Sangster International Airport to the Secret St James resort in Montego Bay?

Jamaica during Bob Marley Bash?

what cruise line should I use

How many Jamaican localytes know of my place on the White River.The place is called Hidden Beauty and is in a place called Thatch...

Where is the best place in Jamaica for zip line rides and how much will they cost?

where is the best place to find good Cuban cigars in Negril? How much is a bottle of Appleton rum in Jamaica? how much do red...

Where would you consider the best beach in jamaica?? Which all Inclusive and where at in Jamiaca would you say is the best???

sandals all inclusive - finding the best sandals all inclusive caribbean vacation resorts?

places for a good steam fish

Wich is the best hotel/resort in Jamaica? I need to know where is better to go if you look for luxury and style, Negril, Montego...

Is a passport required to travel to Jamaica from the US

How far is kingston from Montego Bay?

Que ofrece la vida nocturna de Jamaica y sitios turisticos para jovenes.

Do you think events in Kingston will affect my visit to Montego Bay?

I am travelling to Jamaica. What calling card should I buy there to call the United States?

Am planning to visit Jamaica sometimes next year and the information i request is Visa,Best hotels ,sites,transport,type of foods,charges.ok

How much is it for VIP ticket for dancehall queen 2011?

we are coming to duncans (silver sands) in feb.what are some inexpensive thing to do off the tourist path,what locals do?food night life etc

what is a middle of the road, clean and reasonably priced accomodation to stay in Montego Bay that is child friendly


Saint James

Saint Ann


Saint Elizabeth


Saint Andrew

Saint Catherine


Saint Mary




Saint Thomas

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