Questions about Jordan

How to spend New Year Eve in Amman?

is it possible to do a day trip to Petra from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv?

Who is the "Sheikh Hussein" for whom the Sheikh Hussein Bridge is named?

Is there a bus from the DEad Sea Marriott to Petra?

Pls.can you tell me how much is the taxifee from the Airport to Aqaba or are there any localbusses to take me to the city,and...

looking for low cost accomodations and transportation for my children and I... to see Petra, Wadi Rum, Dead sea, across to Cairo in a...

What is the whether in Jordan, Aqaba, Amman and Dead Sea in the beginning of January? Is there any chance to swim in the seas this...

Planning a trip to Jordon,need your opinion.

How can I get from Amman to Jerusalem? Do I need a visa?

Hi. I want to know is it possible to travel to Dead Sea by bus

Dear all I am working in the tourism field in Egypt , i need a program , rate for 4 pax would like to visit Petra and for 2...

Bonjour , j'habite a taiwan , je suis en trains de preparer un mariage pour un ami Jordanien qui vas se marier avec une...

What vaccinations should I take before leaving for Jordan?

how long is trip from Amman

Have you been to Jordan? How is it?

I am planning to go for a hiking trip in Wadi Mujib in April. Do I need to do anything beforehand like let RSCN know and book the trip...

Looking for professional tour guides to refer Petra extensions from Egypt

Im an african touris, i will be visiting Jordan for the first time in August, i need someone who would be willing to assist for...

Fun things to do in Jordan? What are the secret things only locals do?

How much is it one day tour from Ilat to Petra back to Ilat

Hello , im an african tourist, i need someone who would be willing to offer me an acommodation during my days in jordan. or kindly...

I am an american. I want to reach Jericho from Jordan.How should I travel?

hi guys, i really need to know if there is any bus going from petra to amman early morning around 6-8 am? and where i can catch it. i...

hi , , i'm preparing a jordanian traditional wedding for my friend his father is from jordan , we would like put some arabian...

what is the best hotel near the deadsea (quality/price)

What is the ideal duration to stay in the holly land in a combined tour with jordan?? and what s the best place to stay at?

my name is Raoul , i live in taiwan , i'm preparing a wedding for my friend origine from Jordan , i would like to know the tradition...

Planning a four week vacation in Amman, Jordan next July, where my children age 14, 12 and 7 can learn Arabic, see many historical...

what to do during the day?!

good day everybody , any one has a videos for burgosh cave in ajloun ?

skydiving other than royal jordan aerosport club

What is the best way to spend 2 whole days in Petra?

Is anybody interested in hiking or canyoning ?

I am organizing a trip in Jordan for 8 or 10 persons. I am looking for a minibus with driver for around 2 weeks in september 2011

How to get to Petra from Amman? Is it safe for a woman to go alone?

I'm researching what I'll need for visas. O_O Where do I go for official info on Jordan's visa situation?



Al 'Aqabah



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