Questions about New Zealand

Fun things to do in New Zealand? What are the secret things only locals do?

what are the things to shop in new zealand

I'm looking at the tour operator, Great Sights Coach Tours. In some tours, I'd have to leave the car at the hotel for their whole day...

Which season's best to visit New Zealand? When can we see the best colours in NZ?

How long can someone stay in New Zealand without being illegal?

I'm soon heading for Australia & New Zealand. I hope to meet Localyte peers over there when Spring shows up... ;) If you are one, let...

Are there ancient churches in New Zealand?

What do i need to use my electronics in New Zealand?

What agency in New Zealand that offers the least travel rate?

How can I get visa to New Zealand if I'm a Ukrainian citizen?

Is it easy to get a job as a doctor for some who is a registered medical practitioner from an Asian country? Skype id startrades

Which is easier to get-an Australian visa or a visa for New Zealand?

how about some inexpensive places to eat all around the north island

Do British Passport holders need a visa for Australia and New Zealand?

what do you charge for accommodation and services rendered for 1 to 2 days stay?

which places are better to stay for a new foreigner?

I seek good & reliable tips and/or recommendations on local hotels in NZ that are flexible with advance reservations that do not...

in new zealand is it dark for half the year

Hi people. I'm planning to get a working holiday visa to go to New Zealand. Do you think is it difficult to find a job?

can i know where the good place for mountain climb or adventure travel?

If you had one day to kayak would you go to Doubtful Sound or Milford Sound from Queenstown?

hey I'm from Chile and im traveling to NZ on november this year with the work and hollyday, can anyone help me on getting a seasonal...

I have some clients (all Russians) interested in travelling to New zealand for a couple of weeks holiday. Is there anyone who can...

Doing research for a trip to New Zealand next year. Advice about trekking/hiking tours?

Writing a feature on NZ ski fields - tell me which ones I should include and why?





Hawke's Bay


Bay of Plenty





West Coast




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