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Is there an Aquarium in Oman?

Fun things to do in Oman? What are the secret things only locals do?

Can some one please give me telephone number of Tanam Hospital.

Kindly some one can provide the contact number of an average hotel, apartment in muscut for one or two nights for five adults and two...

I am lookinging to stay with a local familly or in typical arabe house/small hotel as to be authentique..any plan? don't like big...

I would like to rent a villa in Muscat ideally in the Waves area can someone help me with contacts and also approx costs etc involved?

What do you know about "Al Bait Al Aud) another name for it is (Bait Al Maqham), and how many spring water available in Bausher...



Al Batinah



Ash Sharqiyah

Az Zahirah

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