Questions about South Korea

Is the AMERICAN EXPRESS credit card widely accepted in your country for payment, particularly in hotels, and ATM services?

What is good for shopping at Korea?

Fun things to do in South Korea? What are the secret things only locals do?

Who are eligible for Visa upon arrival at South Korea?

do you like korean food? what is the best place you like in korea

What should I definitely include while packing for my trip to South Korea?

I am going to Jeju Island for 2 nights 3 day trip. Any recommendations on where I should visit? And what is a good resort or hotel...

What about South Korea (Republic of Korea)

I have been convinced to go to Cheju island. Would you recommend doing the trip by boat, and if yes, how long does it take?

busan stay

what is the weather in december there?

does an american need a visa?

Hi. I moved to Seoul from the UK last month and was wondering where are the best places to go out on the weekends? Where do I need to...

We are going to South Korea! What adapter and or converter do I need to power my laptop and hairdryer?

Is it possible at the moment to make a day trip from Seoul across the border into North Korea?

When is the best season to visit Korea?

Hello Friends, Can you help me? I'm looking for experienced network marketeers to head up a new network in your country and I...

My mom and i want to visit Seoul around May 1-3. Is there anyone who'd like to accommadate us? We can pay for the accommadation, but...

In tems of your local dishes, what would you recommend to try and where (big restaurants, markets, road side stalls etc.)? Hot dishes...

Hi there, Does anybody know, where to buy "slimming plasters" (plasters which help "burning" fat tissue, especilly the tummy area). My...

living in S. Korea but want to go somewhere for the Lunar New year, any suggestions for doing it cheaply?

I need to take a client to a room salon for business. Anyone know any good ones in Seoul area?

I'm (age 60) going to your country next week and have about 2 weeks time. My interest is in history , culture and nature. Could you...

are there any infos or tours to south korea ?




North Kyongsan







South Kyongsan




North Chungchong

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