Questions about Thailand

Buddhist temples in Thailand that do tattoos?

Place to get cheap silk and beads in Thailand?

Does anyone know about growing avocados in Thailand?

What is the longest time a foreigner as a tourist can stay in Thailand?

How to arrange transport from Bangkok > Dreamworld > Safari World > overnight Pattaya > Nong Nooch Village > Bangkok?

How much cash should I carry with me during the day? For example, how many B would cover 3 meals and 2 or 3 taxi rides?

Are there Iranian restaurants in Pataya and Bangkok?

Is Bangkok crowded with tourists in December ?. When I check the hotel rates I see most hotel have doubled their rates for December

Snorkelling/diving in Thailand in October?

What the best mui thai school in Thailand?

where can i find craft shops looking for Thai ribbon, handmade paper and scrapbook shops

where can I find halal food in bangkok and pattaya?

5 or 6 days in Thailand what can i do ?

How much do I tip a cab driver in Thailand?

where can i find supplier football jersey in hatyai or bangkok with wholesale prices? thanks

Hi. How much does it cost to rent a house in Thailand for a year? I'm thinking about something small and not fancy. It's suposse...

when is the best moment for traveling to phuket? can be in agust? can we have sunbath in agust?

Can a foreigner in Thailand open a current/checking account?

anyone stopped at the dang apartments in pattaya

Hey, all! Are there any offices of AirAsia or other airlines in Suvarnabhumi airport Bangkok where I can by a one way ticket from...

what is this area all about SOI 6 in pattaya?

Fun things to do in Thailand? What are the secret things only locals do?

I live in Chiangmai and I am fed up playing table pools in bars. So I am looking to purchase a Pool Table. Who knows address to buy one??

Hi, I plan to go to Thailand for a week on Octorber, could you kindly help me to make a schedule for me? really knowing nothing about...

Sending a package from Thailand to UK - how much will it cost?

Which is the best place in Thailand for diving and water sports?

Ticket prices for Thailand from the Philippines?

Are foreigners allowed to buy an apartment or house in Thailand?

Crossing the border from China to Thailand - anyone tried this?

Where can i eat good western food in Bangkok ?

Is there paintball in thailand??

I like to go for big game fishing in Thailand. Anyone can recommend me a professional organisation?

Wedding Planner Needed

Hi there we are looking for new partner in your country Thailand,we plan to go with our group to visit your interesting...

i want to visit the thailand for my holidays

Hello, I am looking for a single private room in a guesthouse in Bangkok that has WIFI and is below $10 and NOT a party place, but...

Hello! Can you tell me whats really going on in Bangkok with flood?? They say the airport is flooded (there are pictures of planes in water)

what the best place to go in Bangkok? I will be there from April 25th to April 27th

A question concerning paragliding in Thailand

I am looking for somewhere in Thailand that sells old premiership football shirt mainly from years 1992-1997. do you know if there is...

Which S.E Asian country should I select for my honeymoon?

Female companion with full service option to travel thailand

China Town, what is the name of the small lane that sells watches, toys, perfumes,pencils etc

What are the places and activities in Thailand that can't be missed? I will be there for only 4 days.

can someone tell me what can i get with 3 weeks in thailand? with the cheapest price...

Near BKK where I can go for visit a ecological forest ?

what is the best way to go from Bangkok to Hua Hin?

hello.... we want to go to thailand from philippines for of 4 to 6 months, tickets price and lodging? ty....

going to Thailand in 2 months...what 5 places are a must see or must do?

plan my bangk & pataya fr 6 fldays n 5nts ,3adlt 2chld wnt 2 vsit tmples drem wrld sfari wrld flotin mrkt crcodle farm ng noch tger zo

My wife and i are in our mid forties. We are planning a trip to Thailand in early November this year. We will be staying in Bangkok...

Best places to see in Thailan and West Malaysia?

I'm looking for a biking tour in Bangkok

What is the average monthly wage of an English teacher teaching in Thailand and other asian countries?

Has anybody gone snorkeling in Thailand?

As a future local member in Thailand... Is it hard to learn your languange? Can you please teach me some few basic words, phrases or...

I am looking for a German speaking tour guide. Period 1/11 - 3/11/09 for the Bangkok area. Must be a Thai national and fully licensed...

Information on Base Jumping places in Thailand

I've been in Pattaya for almost a year now. I am looking for groups who participate in activities like badminton, jogging or swimming....

Hi...I'm looking for a collaborative network in order to organize combined adventure tours (tracking, mountains ascension, mountain...

We are 3 undergraduates travelling to Thailand for 1 month in July this year. We arrive in Bangkok and want a mixture of travel up...

My wife and i are in our mid forties and wish to travel to Thailand in mid November this year for 15 nights. We have already been to...

Who can offer me language classes?

I shall be in Thailand for 2 weeks. I will be in Bangkok. Which other places do people recommend I visit? North? South? Ideally...

hello my favorite sport is deep sea fishing, i like been whit the locals more than turists, what island should i go in tailand? thank you

Im Dan and Im planning to go to Thailand and I need to plan the places i could visit. I like beaches, sightseeing and meeting travelers

Moving to Thailand possible?

I am looking to go to Ko Chang for a couple of days can anyone recommend a place to stay on the beach and good to go with children...

I want to know more about Suan Dusit Rajabhat University in Thailand since my brother want to study there. Is it a well-know school in...

URGENT - Does anybody know if it is cheaper to buy a digital camera like Canon 500D in Thailand or Singapore? Or is it better to buy...

can anyone tell me the cheapest hotel/bunglow on the beach in koh samui? around the 26th-30th dec. does'nt matter where abouts as long...

any advice on visa run companies, i am doing a visa run in July to Vientiane from Bangkok, the prices vary from 2,500 up wards and...

Hi! Would like to ask what is the best season to come to Thailand? Plan to come to Bangkok for 2-3days and go to some islands after. Thanx

I would like to study in Thailand, please help me with the cultural aspects and nature of people.Is it safe?Is English language spoken...

Ko Phi Phi, Ko Samui, Ko Phangan, or all three? Do I have time to visit all of them if I only have a week in Thailand?

travelling from Bangkok to Cambodia

Condos and apartments in Thailand?

is 62,875 BATH enough to live 3 months in Thailand?

Researching a budget, adventure trip to SE Asia for September. Any recommendations?

how many Buddhist temples in Thailand

Also, how much is the cost of living in Thailand for me to have an idea of the future expenditures that I will be incuring in the...

Teaching English in Thailand

where in thailand can i get a good clothing franchising shop to buy clothes in mass?

Hello Friends, Can you help me? I'm looking for experienced network marketeers to head up a new network in your country and I...

Can you recommend the best hotel in Bangkok that is not too expensive and not too cheap? Somewhere in the middle price-wise.

I want to volunteer w/elephants when I get to Thailand in April. Any legit places that don't cost a fortune?

Recommended sight seeing itineries for 3 students with a month in Thailand in July on a budget?

Hi Thanks everyone for your wonderful advice. We have booked a holiday for 12 nights to Koh Samui and 2 nights in Bangkok (WE HAVE...

I will be in Bangkok in late October, and would like to have a guide for a day or two. Since I have never been there, I don't know...

What do I need to consider - in terms of weather/climate - when selecting a beach destination in Thailand?

I am planning to work in Thailand next year as a teacher or as a nurse. Where in Thailand should I go to? Any advice for a place to...

I'm going to travel to Thailand in september and I will be staying on the Ko Samui. Which is the best place for scuba diving, please?

Hello! I need personal guide with perfect Russian for 2 tourists at the end of December. Can you help me?

What are all the places to visit in Pattaya with family for a 3 day visit?

Im Iraqi and need to visit Thailand. Do I need visa?

Does anyone know about Phrao in the North? Specifically - hilltribe villages there and cheap guesthouses? If so please get in touch...

where is the best place to eat in hau hin

we are looking for Khaosan local tour travel agency to arrange 2D1N to Pattaya.

I am a bit short on motorbikes to one of our trips in May. I need about 5 good big bikes. Harleys, BMW or others. Also need price. We...

Where can I get a cheap hotel near skhumvit area?

Any good thai guide for my tour to Bangkok next week. Any suggestions and tips. Good hotel or recomendations ?

I'm traveling for the first time to Thailand in the first week of August. I really want to visit Phuket, but I've heard water...

What are your top 5 destinations to go to in thailand and malaysia? I will be travelling from bangkok to singapore in november for 1...

we are going to Boh Phut in Koh Samui this november. We will relax in the daytime and party and explore at night. We will most...

What is the best thing against leaches who bite when trekking in jungles?

What can I do with one day in Bankok and one day in Pattaya

Hi me and my friends want to go to thailand when its the best time in the year I heard the monzon its in june-july so is cool to go in...

How long does it take for VIP bus to come from Udon Thani to Chiang Mai?

where are the art galleries in beijing

what is the quickest way to get to bankok from San Francisco. meaning Arline and layover. how far is Phuket from bankok?

will be in Southeast Asia in 1 mnth but starting to get nervous with all the thai-cambodia conflict?! advice?

Can you recommend a good french-speaker tour organizer for northern thailand?

There are individuals and companies offering bicycling tours in Bangkok and around the country. Is it not much too hot, humid and...

Looking for work in Thailand... pref. in travel but teaching def an option as well... Can anybody recommend websites or provide me...

Songkran (Thai New Year) just started here in Chiang Mai Thailand Yesterday. I went to a local pub and shot this video of water...

How much will cost a room per day (single and double) in Krabi/Ko Phi-Phi if I don't book it preliminary but pay it right on the place...

Hello. Is't hard to find a work as english teacher if you are not a native speaker? How can i find such a work? What salary they...

I plan to go to Luang Prabang next month. Could you guys please help me the accommodation to stay there? and also the place to travel...

At this point in our conversation I began salivating like a kid in a candy store and I wanted to know a whole lot more. I asked him if...

I'm interested in visiting Thailand - maybe Bangkok, but not necessarily. I will be opening a Thai restaurant in Ukraine, and will...

where can we get cheap accpmdation for a single traveller in bangkok in central areas

I have a customer who lives in Hua Hin, and he wants a minibus to go from hua hin to Sai Yok, spend one night and then go back. Do...

Please advice 1.what should i go when i visit Thailand? 2. which season should i go? 3. What should i buy and in Thai Land? 4. How...

I will be back on thailand on January 4th 2010 with my mom and uncle and grandmother is First house hotel OK?

Planning a scuba diving trip to Thailand for Nov/Dec. Any travel recs? Also plan to do a cooking class in Chiang Mai.

Is there anyone, who would like to exchange apartments for holyday time (2 weeks)? I live in Ukraine, Odessa.

What month is the hiring season for teachers in your country? I am really looking forward to live in your wonderful country and...

first time going to phuket, how much spending money do you bring??

Does anyone know of cheap accommodation in Mae Suai (its on the way from Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai) Thanks

What do I need to be able to scuba dive in Thailand? Do I need to get some sort of physical examination?

what is the best time to travel in Thailand?

What is the best & cheapest place for shopping in BKK ?

I am setting up an adventure tour company in Thailand. Where can I find local, licensed tour leaders?

What is the highest peak in Thailand?

where is the best spot to go in phuket for your first trip?

One night in Bangkok Hotel near to the way to Hua Hin?

Will it be rainy season in late October at Hat Yai and does it flood in town?

Best FAMILY hotels in Bangkok and Phuket?

is February a nice time to travel to Thailand??? Is not rainy season right?

I am a Artist, I (oil)paint (sur)realisme, abstract and favorite objects are orchids and impossible buildings (Esher...

where's the best place to see in Bangkok

Does anyone know of any traditional Lisu villages near Chiang Mai that we could visit on a day trip? I hear their new Year is Feb 6th...

whats the difference between pa tong and laguna beach? shopping, night life, activities etc.

Can a local tell me if Halloween is celebrated in Thailand? I keep finding different answers on websites.

Where can I spend my time as a good holiday in Thailand?

i am travelling to bangkok and bohphut next week i understand their are excellent dentistry facilities can you recommend a...

Is Thailand still a safe place to go to??? Especially it has some political turmoil this past few weeks. I have an scheduled plad two...

Travelling to Thailand!!!! should i fly one way then but a ticket from thailand to canada????????

I would love to go in Thailand on November. I want to get relaxing time on the beach and have some fun as well. What is the best place??

Hey,visiting Bangkok in mid April

Where Can I get a local tour guide?

finding a teaching school here?but i have no experience in teaching.i try,i speak english back home,but been in bangkok for...

What are the top three "Must-Do" activities in Phuket, from the insider perspective, non-touristy?

i want to know which is the best island to visit in thailand, good and cheap too..

Hi There Just wondering if someone can recommend a good dentist that offers Zoom Whitening in either Bangkok, Chiang Mai or Phuket?...

How about being a nurse? I am a registered nurse also in my country... any opportunities there to work as a care provider? Pls help me...

is bangkok fine in september?? weather and party wise?

Do you know some cheap place to stay in Bangkok or in phuket??? I will be in Bangkok this coming Mar. 23 and still no idea where to...

me and my boyfriend are heading over to koh samui before and after new year, just a quick question.... we are thinking of going over...

Uncle Nims magic gardens in Koh Samui, Have you been there n do you recommend it to others? can i b able to travel with U?

I'm traveling to Phuket in the first week of August. Will it be possible to snorkel since it's the rainy season? And if so, what are...

Where can i find Yaowarat Road? Can i have the exact address? And how can i get there? Thank you.

Are there any train connection from Singapore/Malaysia/Thailand, into Vietnem?

going for dinner

I'm getting married in sept and we are think of Phuket for our honeymoon. however we've read that it's rainy season in September.......

If you are planning to travel North to visit the beautifull city of Chiangmai and you are searching for a Dutch or English speaking...

What Is the price of PUG and Macow in Bangkok?

Can I know the current situation in chiangmai thailand? Planning to visit the country on 3 nov... Is the flood situation over already?

I'm looking for scuba diving trips in Ko Phayam, Thailand. Any recommedations ? I'm planning my trip during march-april 2011.

I am planning to stay at Sacha's Hotel Uno (Sukhumvit Soi 19). Is this close enough to walk to any good shopping/ nightlife areas. If...

What would you consider to be the #1 attraction and #1 restaurant in Ko Phi Phi? Can you give a 100-200 word description of each?

please, vote for dead sea to be one of the new 7 natural wonders in the world. thanx

On a trip to Thailand,Cambodia,Philippines and Vietnam in aug.What's weather like then?

What are the places and activities in Thailand that can't be missed? I will be there for only 4 days.

Is it possible to rent a small apartment/room in Bangkok for around 1,800 Bhat?

Hi, I've the room for Phuket graceland 4-9 Jan 2011 ( 5 nights). How can i sale this?

where is the best and most expensive restaurant in bkk please

How far in miles/kilometers is Hat Yai from Krabi?

I will be I'm Bangkok at the end of October. What can you do for me?

I'm looking for a reliable minivan operator based in ChiangRai to go to the Phu Chee Fah area for a couple of days in Jan '10.

Muay Thai camp is in Bangkok?

Is there a domestic bus line in Northern Bus Station in Pattaya to go for a visa run to Klong Yai ( in past have used Easy Run Visa

Any tips for #Thailand #travel in June? Where to go? What to see?

Mae Sai last week, Chonburi this weekend, Bangkok today and Chiang Mai tonight. What else ? Golden triangle this week?

Hey, Im arriving in bangkok thailand this coming tuesday 2nd march 2010 and was wondering how is the situation over there? regarding...

Off to Ko Chang in Thailand tomorrow. Anyone have any advice?

hello, me and my boyfriend are heading over to koh samui over new year just a quick question with the full moon/new years eve party in...

What would be the best way to recruit Thai chefs/cooks to work in Ukraine?

Any tips on best way to figure out a budget for backpacking through South-East Asia?

How to start a registered branch office in bangkok? What is the formalities and cost? Rash...

Is it cheaper to flight to Singapore from PHUKET or BANGKOK ? What CHEAP airline do you recommend?thx

Need to know good places to eat in Bangtao Beach, phuket area.

You sound like a fun guy- willing to try just about anything, huh? I am the same way. Can you give me any advice regarding Bangkok? ...


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